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Mission Statement

To promote the welfare and interests of retired NHS staff and to provide a congenial venue for the continuance of friendships formed in working life and to form new friendships

Membership is open to:

Persons and their Spouses or partners who have or are shortly due to retire from full time, part time work in any profession or occupation in the National Health Service

Latest News

Subscriptions for 2017

The cost of being a member of the Cambridge Branch for 2018/2019 will increase to £28 per member and must be paid by the end of March 2018. This has become necessary because of the Increase in what we pay to the National Body decided by the National Ballot below


Result of National Ballot

All members were given two alternatives to vote for

Increase capitation paid to Central Office to £20

Close down the National Health Service Retirement Fellowship


The results were as follows:

                                       Total Votes                              8,345

                                       Increase capitation                6,746

                                       Close NHSRF down               1,217

                                       Spoilt Papers                           382

This means that from April 2018 the Branch will have to pay £20 for each member to Central Office.

Updated 24th November 2017