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Mission Statement

To promote the welfare and interests of retired NHS staff and to provide a congenial venue for the continuance of friendships formed in working life and to form new friendships

Membership is open to:

Persons and their Spouses or partners who have or are shortly due to retire from full time, part time work in any profession or occupation in the National Health Service

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Charity for 2018/2019 

Oncology Day Unit

Addenbrooke's Hospital 

Please support this worthy Charity by buying raffle tickets and bringing goods to  be sold at the monthly charity stalls










From the Welfare Team

The Team is presently supporting thirty members.

We welcome referrals by phone or in person at our fellowship meetings and are always happy to provide or seek out health and welfare information at our table each month.

Another reminder to pick up your message in a bottle container sponsored by the local Lyons Club. If you are taking medication this may be relevant to YOU. Please visit our table and speak to a member of the welfare team anfd pick one up.


Updated 7th July 2018

Get Together Social Groups

The first Get Together groups started about seven years ago. It is a great way for members and especially those who rarely attend the general meetings to hear what is going on and to meet other members.

Groups usually meet for coffee mornings or afternoon teas which ever suits the host and the group. Some meet monthly others less often, again depending on the host and the group.

If you wish to join a group or would be willing to act as a Host please contact our Social Facilitator Hilery Bond.

Telephone: 01954 710908 

Email: hilerybond@yahoo..co.uk